Writing a comparative essay

Try to present a balanced and unbiased view while writing a comparative essay

For your assignment this term you are asked to work on a comparative study; the study involves the work of two prominent African American poets. While going through the specified poems of these two great writers you realize that there is so much to write about. You are also wondering how to fit in all the info; you are also contemplating on how to make it really meaningful. The one thing that you do realize is that writing a comparative essay is not an easy task to accomplish. If you are able to get in touch with UrgentEssays.co.uk you are sure to find that comparative essays, argumentative essays and other kinds of essays could be a walkover.

Some points to keep in mind while writing a comparative essay

  • Understanding the question is the first step to think about while writing an essay that compares two books, films, articles or people. For instance, let us imagine that your science essay is about two methods of analyses that are to be used. You need to understand the bases on which the comparisons are to be made. For this, your essay question has to be read, analyzed and understood in its entirety. If this is not done, there are chances that you would end up with a hotchpotch of an essay and not a well structured piece.
  • When you work on a comparative essay, the essay writing format is an important issue. Let us imagine that you are comparing two books. There are two formats that you could follow. One format allows you to write about one book completely and then go on to the next one that is to be compared. The other format requires you to set forth points of comparison first and then talk about the attributes of each of the books that you are comparing. All the while, you would have to keep the bases of comparison in mind, while following the second format.
  • Organizing points or in other words, putting things down in a sequential way could be the deciding factor in a good comparative essay. If you keep jumping back and forth, not knowing what points are important, you might have an essay that is more confusing than explanatory. When you have doubts about how to organize your comparative essay, the best thing would be to look at our essay website for ideas. We could help you with a lot of tips as well as ideas on how best to present your comparative essay.

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